Qian Zhiping

Qian Zhiping

Principal of the International Department

President Qian Zhiping is from Beijing, China. He has a double degree in English and information technology and resource management from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and a master's degree in education from Flinders University in Australia. President Qian has been deeply involved in international and bilingual IB schools for more than 20 years. He still does not change his original intention of education and cares for his children. He has successively worked in Beijing Jingxi School, Beijing Dingshi School, Beijing Private Huijia School and Wuxi Nanwai King International School as management, teaching research and teaching. She has served as the head of the humanities department of the school's academic teaching and research association, director of the media resource center, IB learning methods (ATL) coordinator, bilingual humanities teacher, English Chinese history teacher, English teacher, Chinese language acquisition teacher, library information literacy and research skills teacher, etc.

Principal Qian is humorous and approachable. As a lifelong learner, she has the courage to open up, dare to innovate, and is good at reflection. Based on years of experience in the international and IB bilingual education environment, she has a strong ability of multicultural collaboration and coordination, and has not only unique insights but also the ability to implement the integration of domestic and international courses. Student-centered education is one of President Qian's beliefs, which provides children with an environment with good humanistic and philosophical literacy, and imperceptibly and actively guides the formation of children's three outlooks. She firmly believes that a qualified international educator needs to have an international perspective, be good at combining theory with practice, care for students, maintain a lifelong enthusiasm for education, and be a world person not only with a Chinese heart, but also with multiculturalism. Educator.

Our Program

Based on the implementation of the CNC curriculum and IB PYP/MYP teaching methodology, strategies and assessments are being creatively blended. BES is committed to cultivating and educating future designers, change-makers and innovators.