Welcome from Principal


Beijing Enlighten School is a learning space where students come to learn through experiential and practical activities while being exposed to real-world problems through a process of inquiry. In the educational realm, as in all fields of inquiry, people give profound importance to what things are and how we can know them. 


Students are at the core of this process, and as individuals, we are responsible for caring about their learning and our own. The first step in allowing students to become lifelong learners is developing a school community that involves students, teachers, and parents who believe and act on learning as a continuously reframing process.


In our Primary Years at Beijing Enlighten School, students are encouraged, supported and challenged to find their passions and interests while developing a strong sense of collaboration with others. Students are asked to question everything surrounding them to become familiar with what the IB promotes as inquiry-based learning. Teachers are facilitators, observers and role models who also learn with the students throughout the day. 


Our Middle Years at Beijing Enlighten School serve as an in-depth exploration of skill sets to become aware and practically experience activities inside and outside the classroom contexts. Students are asked to perform and to become owners of their learning choices. In doing this, our international and local teachers let students self-assess and diagnose their level of progress. Through the various learning areas, students acquire a sense of rigour and responsibility for skills development as a whole. 


The three pillars of Beijing Enlighten School serve to triangulate interests with a holistic view on education that encompasses Social-Emotional Learning, Digital Literacy and the Arts. 


Social-Emotional Learning allows students, teachers and parents to build solid relationships based on trust, confidence and vulnerability at the same time. Through awareness and self-acceptance, we understand that eventually, there are no limits to face but just paths to walk with confidence and energy.


Digital Literacy gives students the tools to apply imagination and is inspired through Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented and Virtual Reality. The possibilities and the skills that young children will have in the future are grounded on how they will be able to look at things differently.


The Arts at Beijing Enlighten School provide a platform to communicate in different ways. Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance are embedded in how learners express themselves, exploring movement, motion, and gestures and sounds to manifest their emotions. 


Our learners at Beijing Enlighten School are adaptable, dynamic, courageous. They are humanists and caring as well as thinkers and innovators. We see a shining future through their eyes because we allow them to show us how they are inspired. 


As human beings, our future depends on how we inspire the hearts and the minds of those young people who are in front of our very eyes today.


Be part of our journey, and welcome to Beijing Enlighten School.



Our Team

BES staff team is comprised of Chinese foundation education specialists and experts in international education. Together, they bring extensive knowledge and understanding of East and West, helping students become their best as national and global citizens.