Core values


Cultivate and enlighten self and others,

unity of knowledge and action, honest with self and others.



To take responsibility for your actions, to manage yourself effectively, to make honest choices even when unsupervised, to be rational, to be courageous and resolute in accepting your responsibilities, to uphold integrity and fairness.



Recognize that other people can have different points of view or ways of doing things. All things are not based on personal feelings for the transfer, should have a clear thinking and way of doing things.



Be able to think in different ways in study and apply them to practical life; Ability to integrate and solve problems innovatively; Express yourself creatively in a variety of ways.


Be able to analyze the information learned and various points of views and make prudent judgments; also deeply reflect on the learning process, methods and results, in the process of continuous understanding and self-improvement.

Our Team

BES staff team is comprised of Chinese foundation education specialists and experts in international education. Together, they bring extensive knowledge and understanding of East and West, helping students become their best as national and global citizens.