International Department | OTHM Global Elite Program Course (EA)

The OTHM "Global Elite Program" project of Elite College provides a entrance channel for 23 junior high school graduates to go straight to overseas prestigious undergraduate schools. It implements an international and domestic cultural integration curriculum system for junior high school graduates (not more than 18 years old) and students studying in Secondary specialized school, secondary vocational schools and technical schools. After completing the courses corresponding to the two-year OTHM program in China, students can apply for Chinese teaching major, and IELTS can be exempted from going directly to Top100-800 Commonwealth universities in the world, such as PSB College in Singapore, East Asia Institute of Management, London Institute of Commerce and Finance Singapore Campus and other famous universities (which are equivalent to the world rankings of 985 and 211 universities in China). After graduation, they can continue to apply for postgraduate studies.


Curriculum Advantages

1. Provide opportunities for students who have failed in the senior high school entrance examination to get a straight undergraduate course;

2. Junior high school graduates go straight to QS world ranking 100-800 foreign undergraduate universities (world ranking is equivalent to domestic 985 and 211);

3. The official website of the Ministry of Education can inquire about the university record, the academic qualifications can be retained for certification, and the Xuexin Network can be checked for life;

4. Using the British OTHM examination system, the results are widely recognized by the Commonwealth countries;

5. Full guidance before studying abroad, worry-free further studies and low cost;

6. There is no restriction on school status and household registration. All children have the opportunity to enroll;

7. Popular majors can be selected, and there are more job opportunities after studying abroad;

8. After graduation, you can apply for a job visa, a master's degree or an immigration;

9. Singapore has a good social environment, high safety factor, no language and cultural barriers, and convenient transportation to and from China.


"2 3" further study path


Curriculum Setting


Campus Life

Campus design integrates the Chinese quadrangle and European courtyard, with natural materials, open space, and is built in compliance with international environmental protection standards. Each area is unique, open, and contemporary, providing students with a safe, healthy learning and leisure environment.