3 Main Pillars


Social Emotional Learning


Beijing Enlighten School social emotional learning program applies “RULER” program from Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, permeates throughout every aspect of each student’s school life.




Recognizing emotions in self and others

Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions

Labeling emotions accurately

Expressing emotions appropriately

Regulating emotions effectively


We work closely with our students and incite their leaning interests, helping them find their most suitable way of learning. Through this program, students will enhance their self-regulated, interpersonal skills, as well as efficient work and learning skills. As a result, students will enjoy working with others and appreciate true happiness.








Arts in Education


Beauty is powerful and education is incomplete without the study of art. Art is an important vehicle for aesthetics and is the source of innovation. Beijing Enlighten School not only holds visual arts and performing arts program but also emphasizes variety forms of arts applied into the inquiry-based learning. Our aim is to help students gain the ability to sense, appreciate, and create “beauty”.






Digital Literacy


Beijing Enlighten School proactively employs an innovative pedagogical model involving big-data and the internet. Through this method, teachers induce and encourage students to vigorously learn and discover, to obtain and select information, and to think independently to arrive at meaningful conclusions. This model elevates our students’ ability to master the newest technology and to apply technology to creatively resolve problems facing a future of rapid change and deepening globalization.



Our Team

BES staff team is comprised of Chinese foundation education specialists and experts in international education. Together, they bring extensive knowledge and understanding of East and West, helping students become their best as national and global citizens.