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Leading Academy provides the best solution for students who want to complete the college entrance examination in China. The academy brings together famous teachers with more than ten years of actual combat experience from famous universities in Beijing and young tutors graduated from famous universities such as Qingbei. Relying on the resources of Tsinghua University, Peking University and other famous universities, the academy inherits the educational concept originated from Tsinghua University. The academy adopts small class teaching and tutorial system guidance, facing Tsinghua University, Peking University and other 985 universities, systematic planning and training, so that every student can be admitted to his dream school and realize his dream!


Introduction to High Quality Teachers

Leading Academy has created a team of high-quality famous teachers for the college entrance examination. This includes not only the expert advisory team of academic committees of various disciplines composed of all senior or special-level teachers from Beijing's top ten schools for many years, but also the cultivation of many outstanding students, a team of special senior full-time discipline leaders from Beijing's municipal demonstration schools, and a group of outstanding young tutors graduated from Qingbei and other famous schools as the backbone. Such a high-quality teaching staff will certainly provide more protection for children to enter famous schools.

Member of Expert Group of Academic Committee of 1. Leading College 

  • Tian Yuan, former 101 High School Mathematics Teacher
  • Su Mingyi, former teacher of physics in Haidian District Teachers' Continuing Education School
  • Lin Zurong, former biology teacher of Experimental Middle School
  • Li Xiaofeng, former special history teacher of the affiliated high school of the National People's Congress
  • Li Wenyan, former political teacher of the Second Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Normal University


2.Some members of the leading college teacher team

  • Miao Jinli, former senior teacher of mathematics in Beijing No.4 Middle School
  • Wang Wei, former senior Chinese teacher of Beijing 101 Middle School
  • Wang Jianping, Senior Physics Teacher of Yuying School
  • Wang Wanxin, former senior biology teacher of Peking University High School


advanced curriculum system

The curriculum system of Leading College is divided into two levels and three groups of courses, including basic courses and advanced courses, of which advanced courses include extended courses and tutor courses.


Classification of 1. Courses

I) Basic Courses

The basic curriculum highlights the development of subject literacy and focuses on the national curriculum. Explore unit learning vertically, take the core concept of the discipline as the starting point, appropriately adjust and reorganize the content of the discipline; explore thematic learning horizontally, take the big concept as the starting point for interdisciplinary synthesis, and promote the structure and systematization of students' knowledge system. Deeply integrate career planning courses into Senior high school courses and activities.


II) Advanced Courses

Advanced courses are divided into two categories according to the needs of students. Expansion courses are suitable for all students, realizing the expansion of categories from the breadth, highlighting the development of teamwork ability and innovation ability, including natural science, social science, sports, There are five series of art and practice, which are systematically constructed in terms of rich cultural heritage, cultivating scientific research literacy, improving art appreciation ability, and enhancing social practice experience.

Students can choose tutor courses in advanced courses according to their own needs. Tutor courses implement a tutorial system, with one tutor leading 2 students or one tutor leading a group of 3-4 people to take courses. The course is a customized course, including special guidance on art and sports, research topics, orientation promotion of advantageous disciplines, etc. Such courses are customized and personalized, and strongly highlight the needs of students.


1. Expand the curriculum

Natural science, social science: to enhance the academic series of content as the main carrier, aimed at enhancing students' academic potential, broaden academic horizons, enhance research awareness and temper research ability.

Practice category: With campus life experience and social practice activities as the main carrier, courses such as lecture halls and knowledge courses are offered to enable students to experience different cultures, feel teamwork, enhance their sense of social responsibility, and form a sense of service, cooperation ability, and self-management And the ability to think.

Sports and art: with sports skills, dance art, broadcasting recitation, creative design and intangible cultural heritage experience course modules as the carrier, it aims to make students feel the influence of art and aesthetics, develop students to discover artistic beauty, feel sports beauty, cultivate temperament, and form personal hobbies and sound personality.


2. Tutor courses

Research learning: the tutor leads the research group to determine the research topic and guides the group to carry out the research. In the process, students are trained to find problems, raise problems and solve problems. The scientific research methods learned in the whole process of solving problems, and the rich and multifaceted experience obtained.

Pre-university courses: It aims to provide diversified courses for Senior high school students who have the ability to learn, to help students lay the foundation for university study in Senior high school, and to quickly adapt to the change of university role. Through the pre-university courses, students can learn what they want to learn in the university in advance at the Senior high school stage, and have more opportunities to learn other professional knowledge after university.

Special guidance of sports art: set up special promotion courses of art and sports direction for interested students, and broaden the path of college entrance examination for students. The school offers courses including calligraphy, football, table tennis, golf, and ice hockey according to the development needs of students and the needs of the college entrance examination.

Oriented promotion of advantageous disciplines: according to the students' academic foundation and the path of college entrance examination, tutors provide students with plans for discipline promotion and targeted training courses.


2. characteristic course construction

I) Cultural Accomplishment Course

Effectively promote the realization of the school's training direction of "capital vision, great country temperament, and world mind". In terms of characteristic curriculum construction, it closely follows the large number of modules of Chinese traditional culture education and international culture education, forming a large number of characteristic courses to comprehensively improve students' cultural accomplishment. group.

Chinese traditional culture education: understand the classic books of Chinese traditional culture, realize the charm of traditional culture and the national spirit of continuous self-improvement; in the study of sports, art and technology, develop traditional characteristic courses, imperceptibly influence students to be influenced by excellent traditional culture, and develop students' patriotism.

International cultural education: strengthen international understanding education and international cultural exchanges, introduce international educational resources to realize the sharing of international curriculum resources, build a diversified international educational exchange display platform, expand the depth and breadth of internationalization, and cultivate students' global awareness and multicultural understanding Ability to make it have good international competitiveness.


II) Core Competitiveness Curriculum Group

In order to train students to learn to learn, to live together, to learn to live, and to learn to innovate, the school pays attention to the construction of the following curriculum groups, effectively promotes the development of the school's comprehensive curriculum and characteristic practical courses, promotes students to learn and apply knowledge in practice, and lays a good foundation for the cultivation of innovative talents.

STEAM curriculum system (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), the comprehensive application of science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, through real problem-solving-based inquiry learning, design-based learning, so that students in the seemingly disorganized learning situation to develop design ability and problem-solving ability.

Special guidance for high-level specialties: special courses are customized for students who have high-level athletes, artistic specialties, sports individual specialties, oral English and other needs in the college entrance examination.

Campus Life

Campus design integrates the Chinese quadrangle and European courtyard, with natural materials, open space, and is built in compliance with international environmental protection standards. Each area is unique, open, and contemporary, providing students with a safe, healthy learning and leisure environment.