International Department | IB Course (BES IB)

BES IB (BES IB) relies on excellent teachers, high-quality educational resources, and people-oriented school-running philosophy to achieve the effective development of IB basic education integration. The school education service plan takes IB curriculum as the framework, compulsory education curriculum standards as the guidance, and combines Yale University's social and emotional learning curriculum (SEL) and talent education, curriculum extension planning and tutor care system to cultivate students to become ideal, responsible, create the future and lead the social harmony of the unique social individuals.



In the primary school stage, Beijing Zhizhi School integrates the national curriculum (CNC) with the IB primary school project (PYP) curriculum framework, including subject independent unit inquiry courses and super subject inquiry courses, as well as school characteristic courses. Focusing on the concept of whole-person education and concept-based, single-subject literacy courses focus on subject concepts, implement subject elements, and improve students' subject literacy. The super-disciplinary inquiry course focuses on major concepts, implements inquiry clues, improves inquiry and problem-solving ability, and combines in-class and out-of-class courses, including social emotional learning, talent education, art and aesthetics, digital literacy and knowledge of Chinese culture courses. Around the primary school curriculum system, mobilize high-quality resources inside and outside the school, train and develop children aged 6-11 to become lifelong learners, creators and leaders.


In the middle school stage, Beijing Zhizhi School will connect the Chinese National Curriculum (CNC) standards with the IB subject group project standards, highlighting the interdisciplinary, comprehensive and thematic nature of humanities courses, science courses, art courses and design courses. Highlight the evaluation-oriented, concept-driven, and inquiry-oriented teaching methods in teaching, master learning methods, improve learning skills and subject literacy, and cultivate family and national feelings and international vision.


1. Average class size: 15

2. Average teacher-student ratio: 1:4

3. Number of foreign teachers: 45%

4. Number of Chinese teachers: 55%

5. Proportion of teachers' master's degree: 61%

6. Average teaching age of teachers: more than 10 years

7. The average number of students brought by teachers: more than 1000

8. Teachers with IB qualifications: 100 per cent

9. Teachers with overseas education and working background: 54%

Campus Life

Campus design integrates the Chinese quadrangle and European courtyard, with natural materials, open space, and is built in compliance with international environmental protection standards. Each area is unique, open, and contemporary, providing students with a safe, healthy learning and leisure environment.