Giftedness & Talented Education


The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM, Renzulli, 1977; Renzulli & Reis, 1985, 1997, 2014) is widely implemented as an enrichment program used with academically gifted and talented students and as a magnet theme/enrichment approach for all students. The theme of the SEM is to develop the strengths and talents of all students. 


The SEM provides enriched learning experiences and higher learning standards for all children through three goals: 

•Developing talents in all children, 

•Providing a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences for all students,

• Providing advanced follow-up opportunities for young people based on their strengths and interests. 



The SEM focuses on enrichment for all students through high levels of engagement and the use of enjoyable and challenging learning experiences that are constructed around students’ interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression.  



At Beijing Enlighten School, the model is implemented through various Enrichment Clusters that take two periods a week. Students choose their interest-based activities for six to eight weeks, and they explore areas such as robotics, coding, cooking, outdoor activities, painting, calligraphy, science experiments, and many others. The clusters are run together with teachers; however, the students are responsible for running certain activities within the clusters. In this manner, students become engaged in driving learning and sharing interests with peers in various ways.   



Another part of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model involves parents bringing their expertise and running Type 1 Exploratory Activities. In this way, parents become part of the learning community at a practical level, see their children inside the classrooms, and allow students to explore areas often not discussed in school settings.   


Students who manifest a particular interest, talent or disposition in a specific learning area are also provided individualized coaching and support to foster these areas and continue their path within our lifelong learning community. 



Campus Life

Campus design integrates the Chinese quadrangle and European courtyard, with natural materials, open space, and is built in compliance with international environmental protection standards. Each area is unique, open, and contemporary, providing students with a safe, healthy learning and leisure environment.