Bakul Keaney

Bakul Keaney

Assistant Principal to IGCSE & A-Level High School

Bakul Keaney is a qualified middle-high school teacher who is also the assistant principal of the IGCSE/ A Level high school department. He has over ten years of experience in teaching international students (eight of which in China) as an ESL, English and French curriculum teacher. He graduated with a BA in Linguistics and French studying at the Sorbonne and Bristol and is in the process of finishing a masters' degree in Educational Leadership and Management. His in-depth education into ancient and modern languages, including ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Latin and French has enabled Bakul to provide a wider learning experience for his students.

Bakul has extensive teaching experience working with students from Europe and Asia of all ages, teaching English language and literature as well as History and French. His previous experience working in a range of commercial and service industries, in addition to his extensive travel around the world over the last twenty years, have given him a range of different perspectives to offer to students so that they can grow as global citizens. His firm belief is that education only starts with the academics and that one of the most important skills for students to develop is to think critically about the world around them. If students can listen well then they can communicate better. 

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