Roberto Louis Foz

Roberto Louis Foz

IB PYP Homeroom Teacher & MYP Visual Arts Teacher

Roberto was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. After graduating in Illustration & Design at Dawson College in 2002, he worked for several fashion brands and several schools in the Montreal School Board conducting Art workshops for both High School and Elementary school students.

In 2012, Roberto arrived in Beijing, China, and was hired as the Art Director for Art Bug, where he was able to connect with children, teaching them how to express themselves through art. In 2015, He had an opportunity to work for Beanstalk International Kindergarten as the English Homeroom Teacher. And for the next 7 years he enjoyed teaching students.

He believes that being able to help students not only learn a new language but to guide them into building their confidence and understanding who they are and their place in this world, will allow the students to better shape their future.

Our Program

Based on the implementation of the CNC curriculum and IB PYP/MYP teaching methodology, strategies and assessments are being creatively blended. BES is committed to cultivating and educating future designers, change-makers and innovators.