Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker

IB PYP Homeroom Teacher

Sean Tucker lived in a variety of countries throughout his childhood, spending multiple years in England, Germany and Cyprus. Sean attended the University of East London where he attained his bachelor degree in History and Journalism. Sean moved to Beijing in the summer of 2013 and began his teaching career at Golden Apple kindergarten. He then spent three years working for a training center, attaining the role as the leader of the foreign teachers. He followed this up with another three years at Communication University of China affiliated primary school, where he was again instrumental in training other foreign teachers and raising student’s point average during exams.Sean’s recent endeavors have seen him working for Xin Fuxue International Academy for the past two years. He was the homeroom teacher for grade three, and then followed them again into grade four. During his time there, he was a leading instructor for English and the IPC program, leading the upper elementary teachers and training teachers from all elementary grades in IPC in order to better facilitate a higher standard of international mindedness amongst the students. Sean also became the leading drama instructor for upper elementary, which culminated in highly praised performances for both annual winter shows, as well as the inaugral Xin Fuxue drama festival.Sean has been regularly commended by parents of his students for the dedicated, personal appraoch he takes to each child, spending considerable time to truly know his students and establish strong relationships with each one.

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