Aaron Xie

Aaron Xie

IB Bilingual Math Teacher of Secondary School

Aaron XIE graduated from Northeast Petroleum University, Department of Mathematics with a master degree , first-grade teacher. Prior to joining BES, Aaron XIE has worked in Beijing private and international school for twelve years as Mathematics Teacher, Homeroom Teacher, , Teaching and Research Team Leader, and Teaching Director.

Since he graduated with a master‘s degree over ten years ago, he has been engaged in front-line mathematics teaching and teaching management. The teaching covers the third grade to the ninth grade. He believes that learning is endless, knowledge is fascinating, and math knowledge is more fascinating. He looks forward to exploring the mysteries of the mathematical world with children and growing together. He likes reading and he likes to cook food for my family. He is a science and technology man in Pisces, so he takes into account both sensitivity and rationality. He looks forward to helping each other and colleagues in his future work to create brilliant achievements of BES.

Our Program

Based on the implementation of the CNC curriculum and IB PYP/MYP teaching methodology, strategies and assessments are being creatively blended. BES is committed to cultivating and educating future designers, change-makers and innovators.