Li Wenyan

Li Wenyan

Political teacher, special-grade teacher, former Second Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Normal University

Former leader of political teaching and research in the Second Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Normal University, senior teacher in middle school, graduated from the Department of Philosophy of Beijing Normal University. He has participated in the compilation of the teaching book for teachers of economic life in the People's Education Edition. He has served as a part-time teaching and research member of political science in Xicheng District of Beijing, a teacher of online learning platform for primary and secondary schools in Xicheng District, a part-time tutor for free normal students in Beijing Normal University, a part-time tutor for master students majoring in ideological and political science in Beijing Youth Political College, and a special guest for face-to education program.
He edited a number of teaching guidance books, such as "compulsory 1-compulsory 4 for key Senior high school and politics in the textbook compiled by the Ministry", "selective compulsory 1-2 for key Senior high school and politics in the textbook compiled by the Ministry", "quick reading for the 2021 political examination" and so on. In 2014, he served as a member of the political subject group of "Operation and Maintenance of College Entrance Examination Entity Resource Database" in Beijing. He participated in the proposition work of Xicheng District Senior high school final examination paper and college entrance examination simulation paper for many years. He served as the judge of "Xicheng Cup" Senior high school politics teaching design competition and teaching paper evaluation. He has rich teaching experience in Senior high school ideological and political courses and review experience in college entrance examination, among them, the scores of the 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2016 political college entrance examinations were all first in Beijing. In the 2022 session, 10 students with full marks in politics in the college entrance examination were taught, and Yi Meng, the top student in the 2005 Beijing liberal arts college entrance examination, was trained.

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