Lin Zurong

Lin Zurong

Biology teacher, special teacher, the original experimental middle school

Special grade teacher of biology in experimental middle school affiliated to Beijing Normal University, researcher of basic education of Beijing Normal University, core author of new curriculum teaching materials for Senior high school and junior high school biology of PEP, keynote speaker of CD-ROM supporting new teaching materials for Senior high school biology of PEP, core member of new curriculum training expert group of people's Education Press.
He has been engaged in the teaching of Senior high school biology for a long time, and more than half of the students in the teaching class have been admitted to universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University.
Adhering to the combination of teaching and research, he has authored monographs such as "Senior high school Biology Reader", "Fun Biology-Reading Life with Middle School Students", and has published in dozens of newspapers and magazines across the country such as "Middle School Biology Teaching" and "Biology Bulletin". More than 200 papers and experience summaries. He has served as the subject editor-in-chief of magazines such as "China Examination" and "College Entrance Examination. He has given hundreds of lectures on the new curriculum standard and new curriculum, teaching materials and methods, and review and guidance for the college entrance examination.

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