Tian Yuan

Tian Yuan

Math teacher, special teacher, former 101 middle school

Tian Yuan, female, senior middle school teacher, Beijing special teacher, Beijing subject leader, mainly engaged in mathematics classroom teaching practice research. He has won the special prize of "Purple Forbidden Cup" excellent class teacher in Beijing, and has been rated as the "top ten" excellent class teacher in the national Senior high school. He was employed as a tutor of the mathematics group of Haidian District famous teacher workstation and a part-time teaching and research member of Haidian District Continuing Education School. He participated in the compilation of books for teachers in the second volume of compulsory textbooks for the B edition of ordinary Senior high school mathematics of the People's Education Society, and participated in the proofreading of compulsory textbooks. He was hired as the supervisor of the Senior high school Mathematics Discipline of the People's Government of Haidian District, served as an instructor in the Beijing Rural Teacher Workstation, participated in the "Partner Training Program" of the Beijing Institute of Education and served as a mentor, and served as a member of the Academic Committee of Beijing One One Education Group.

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