Tian qi

Tian qi

Leading College Senior high school geography teacher, history teacher

Teacher Tian qi, the former founder of the comprehensive discipline of learning and thinking, has won the first place in teaching and exhibition for many times. his classes are basically full throughout the year, with a favorable rating of 99%.After serving as the head of homework help's comprehensive literature discipline, he has rich experience and in-depth knowledge of online and offline teaching. Over the years, lectures, online large classes and many other online lectures have accumulated more than one million people.

Twelve years of senior three graduating class experience, in-depth study of curriculum standards, real questions, accurate grasp of the college entrance examination. Teaching is fun, the course is novel and unique, and the interest is very strong. Pictures, animations, and wonderful geographic phenomenon videos are used to assist teaching, so that students can master the geography test site in their interest. Classroom fun and logic are extremely strong, so that students can quickly understand, deep memory.

Dozens of students were admitted to Tsinghua, National People's Congress, Hong Kong Chinese, foreign trade and economic cooperation and other domestic first-class universities.

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