Jiang Mengyao Jessie Jiang

Jiang Mengyao Jessie Jiang

Deputy Director of IB Middle School and Head of Language Group

Mr. Jiang is a senior Chinese educator who has been engaged in IB Chinese teaching and Chinese project management in many international schools in Beijing. He has 15 years of teaching experience in IB course MYP project and DP project. He has been the marking officer of DP project since 2010, and has also been the core member of marking standardization team and the reviewer of MYP Chinese subject for two years, instruct students to complete EE(Extended Essay) and PP(personal project) to obtain excellent results, successively participate in MYP authorization and certification of two schools, and also publish educational and teaching papers and win awards. Mr. Jiang received a master's degree in comparative literature and world literature from Sichuan University and holds the Chinese National Curriculum Senior high school Chinese Teacher Qualification Certificate.

Mr. Jiang adheres to the attitude of "honesty, honesty and truth. In her spare time, she is a Tzu Chi education team volunteer focusing on the development of children's character. She is also an active practitioner of CAS (Creativity ActivityService) courses.

As a Chinese teacher and the mother of two children, Mr. Jiang has a strong interest in the enlightenment of Chinese traditional culture and the culture of Chinese characters. In his spare time, he systematically studied traditional primary school courses including philology, exegesis and phonology, and applied what he learned to teaching practice. She understands the expectations of Chinese parents for their children. He firmly believes that only by taking root in China and consolidating the foundation of mother tongue can we look at the world and go further.

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