Lucy Yang

Lucy Yang

IB Primary General Teacher

Yang Lu was born and grew up in Beijing, graduated from Beijing University of International Business and Economics, majoring in management, has worked in the international education industry for more than 30 years, has joined a number of famous international schools, including Beijing Jingxi School, Dingshi School, Huijia Private School, Wuxi Nanwai International School ...... has also participated in Chinese students' study abroad program in the United States for one year. In the international education environment for decades, Yang Lu deeply realized that education is not only the imparting of knowledge, but also a kind of practice, which is a responsibility and responsibility of schools, teachers and parents. A good teacher represents the education and culture of a school, and the teacher's educational philosophy affects the child's life. Teacher Yang Lu is willing to become a mentor to children in a diversified and dynamic educational environment, and learn and grow with them.

Our Program

Based on the implementation of the CNC curriculum and IB PYP/MYP teaching methodology, strategies and assessments are being creatively blended. BES is committed to cultivating and educating future designers, change-makers and innovators.