Stephen Pulsford

Stephen Pulsford

Vice-Chancellor and DP Coordinator, International Division (IB) Secondary School

Stephen grew up in Bournemouth, England, before going to Australia to study at Monash University. There, Stephen earned degrees in English literature, history, education and film studies. Stephen's first teacher role was at Westport High School, where he not only taught English Literature, but was also the Academic Leader in Year 12. Stephen then joined the Frankston Senior high school, where he served as head of the English subject for three years and then as Senior high school director for five years. In addition, Stephen was a member of the Victorian English and English Literature Examinations Board and served for many years. In the past 7 years, he has worked in various schools in China, applying his teaching methods to students with different language backgrounds and abilities. As a school leader and head of the English subject, Stephen has strict academic requirements and high expectations for students' learning performance. At the same time, he will create a learning environment for students that makes them feel caring and happy at the same time. This educational philosophy has had a significant and positive impact on the lives of many students.

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