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The characteristic of rich curriculum model is to enrich the development of students' interests and talents through high-level participation and pleasant and challenging learning experience built around students' interests, learning styles and expressions.  
In Beijing Zhizhi school, this model is implemented through rich curriculum groups with different forms and themes of two classes a week. Students choose groups based on their interests. Each group course lasts six to eight weeks. In group activities, they will explore robotics, programming, cooking, outdoor activities, painting, calligraphy, scientific experiments and other fields. Students explore with teachers in group activities, and students are responsible for and lead activities in the group. In this way, students begin to participate in promoting learning and sharing interests with their peers in various ways.  
Another aspect of enriching the curriculum model is home school interaction. Parents use their professional knowledge to carry out exploration activities. In this way, parents play an important role as members of the knowledge learning community from the practical level, and can also broaden students' exploration of areas that are not often discussed in the school environment.  
We will also provide personalized guidance and support to students who show special interests, talents or personalities in specific learning areas to promote their development in these areas and continue their growth in our lifelong learning community.

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